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Light of Aiaran Global Launch!

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  • Light of Aiaran Global Launch!

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    As some of you noticed, our Official Facebook Page had a little make-up recently and its url changed as follows:
    This is part of the ongoing process of launching Light of Aiaran globally under the name of "Iris M" (Iris Online players, rejoyce!). In a few days, a new server will be opened to allow in our friends from Korea, with full Korean language support!
    We know this might surprise you, but don't worry: LoA will remain exactly as you know it with just many more players joining, and a constant stream of improvements!

    Also, in order to accomodate better the needs of our playerbase in the perspective of the new range of countries we're going to support, the game server will be physically moved from Europe to the United States. We understand that this will necessarily lead to a slightly increased latency for some users, but, overall, it will ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for both old and new players.

    Here's a brief FAQ:

    Q: Why is the game now called "Iris M"?
    A: Light of Aiaran has always been tied to "Iris Online" in some ways, as some of you already noticed in the past months. As the game is now available globally across the world, we feel "Iris M" really fits the role better and way more players will be able to identify our game. Changing the title of a game is no easy choice and we can't wait to hear your opinion about LoA's new identity!

    Q: When is Global Launch going to happen?
    A: Global Launch is currently planned for 24th August 2017. However, the date could change and the exact time will be revealed when we're 100% sure it's going to happen.

    Q: I'm playing the EN/DE/FR version of LoA. Will my account or game client be affected by the Global Launch?
    A: You won't be experiencing any differences when the Global Launch happens. The content of existing accounts won't be affected by the process.

    Q: Will EN/DE/FR Staff Members and Customer Support be available after LoA goes Global?
    A: The Global Launch is more of a "unification" of different services for the sole benefit of the players. After it's done, you'll be able to contact our Staff Members and Customer Support in EN/DE/FR as usual. We don't plan to stop our multilanguage support (game client included). On the contrary, we plan to expand it to even more languages in the future, when possible.

    Q: You mentioned a new server will be opened. What will happen to the existing servers? Are they going to be merged?
    A: A server merge is not planned for Global Launch. The new server is a needed addition to allow Korean users in, so they can enjoy the game with us! While all players are allowed to join their server of choice, it is advised for players looking for in-game EN/DE/FR language support to stick to servers Tainas and Ravine for now.

    Q: I can no longer access LoA Facebook Page. Was it shutted down?
    A: As mentioned above, the Official LoA Facebook Page had a change of url. Please, be sure to bookmark the new one:

    Best regards,
    The Light of Aiaran Team

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    The exp is ruined, killing monsters gives way less than before, how are we supposed to lv up now?


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      Warrior haven map is bug we cant enter there.
      ..and tell the koreans to speak english...
      some players cant log in maybe they are in new map warrior haven when thr maintenance start


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        @SkylarDayne: Please, be sure to report issues and bugs in the appropriate section of our Forums or via Ticket to our Customer Support:
        Quick Troubleshooting (Iris M):
        Useful Links and Info
        Forum Guidelines and Rules of Conduct
        Technical Support
        Official Staff Members List (includes how-to tell Staff Members from regular players in-game)

        You can find me in-game (Iris M) as follows:
        On server "Tainas" as "[GM]BlindFire" (male human warrior), "[GM]ArielFire" (female sprite mage) and "[GM]DarkFire" (female demibeast ranger).
        On server "
        Ravine" as "[GM]RavineFire" (male human warrior).

        Despite my various in-game IDs, please call me "BlindFire".