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  • "Bullying"

    Apparently I have been reported as being cruel..."q u e e r" means odd or strange, I'm only defending myself against "Astarian" member of "Divine" a Petafile... contact me, I will inform you of all harassment.

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    Hear Hear! You should be able to defend yourself from the likes of him.


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      Satori. I still remember the conversation you are talking about. That astarian was talking to pebiani and you butt in to the conversation like a boss. Calling him queerboy for no reason. Even in real life if you will trigger a person without any reason of course instinct is astarian will defend himself. Satori if you dont want to be involved in such conversations dont butt in. Especially if ppl are not talking to you. Show some manners.


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        Astarian is being triggered by the likes of you. Its like you always lure ppl from being banned.

        btw that issue has been resolved already satori. Astarian being "pedophile" dont waste time re uploading those screenshots.

        it was erabons who reported him from chatting such words. Its already fixed and also an old issue


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          Btw dont tell lies satori there is always google if you dont know the meaning of a word. You called astarian . If blindfire will see this i hope he looks for the meaning of queerboy


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            Wat are you? His boyfriend? Is he producing golden eggs for you? Seems like you are a bit smitten with him.