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Guidelines and Rules of Conduct

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  • Guidelines and Rules of Conduct


    Understanding how to behave is vital for the fine living of an online Community as we can all agree that a relaxed and pleasant environment in a Forum is largely preferable to an hostile and frustrating one.

    As addition to the general rules of conduct you can expect from any mature online Community, please find below a recap of the most important situations we could end up dealing with:

    - Sexism, racism, ****ography and any other sensible topic are strictly prohibited and will be punished accordingly. This applies not only to text, but also to profile avatars, signatures, screenshots, videos and any other material that could be posted in our Forums.

    - Profanity, offensive language and rude attitude won't be tolerated. We understand certain situations could get frustrating, but please remember that you must always respect others to be respected yourself in return. In this regard, bypassing the profanity filter in any way is punishable.

    - Spam and 3rd party softwares/websites advertisements won't be tolerated as well. Spam extends also to the practice of "multi-posting". In case you want to add something shortly after you posted the last reply to a thread, please consider editing that post instead of making a new one.

    Here are also some guidelines that can be useful:

    - Use clear titles for your threads: Especially when dealing with assistance requests, using generic titles like "Help me!", "So..." or "What is this?" is counterproductive. An appropriate title is extremely helpful and valuable for anyone browsing the forums. Among the other things, using detailed titles helps in attracting more users to join the discussion and reduces the possibility of duplicated threads.

    - Avoid off-topic: This applies to posts in the same way it does to threads. Derailing a discussion off-topic will end up causing confusion. Similarly, starting a thread in the wrong section can lead to it being ignored/missed by Staff Members and users interested. Be sure to check the Forum structure from the Home Page:
    I'm sure you'll find the right section for your needs!

    - Avoid "bumping" your thread too often: If you believe a thread deserves some more attention, you're invited not to bump it more than once a day. This is needed to allow all active threads to get the deserved attention.

    NOTE: Please, consider this as a WORK IN PROGRESS. I'll add more details in case they're needed.
    Quick Troubleshooting (Iris M):
    Useful Links and Info
    Forum Guidelines and Rules of Conduct
    Technical Support
    Official Staff Members List (includes how-to tell Staff Members from regular players in-game)

    You can find me in-game (Iris M) as follows:
    On server "Tainas" as "[GM]BlindFire" (male human warrior), "[GM]ArielFire" (female sprite mage) and "[GM]DarkFire" (female demibeast ranger).
    On server "
    Ravine" as "[GM]RavineFire" (male human warrior).

    Despite my various in-game IDs, please call me "BlindFire".