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Official Staff Members List

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  • Official Staff Members List


    To help you identifying correctly the Official Staff Members in Light of Aiaran, here you can find a detailed list of all of them.

    If you spot users who adopt a similar format for their nicknames (in the forums and in game) who don't appear in this list, please be sure to report them in our Technical Support subforum or via Customer Support directly in-game:

    Please, remember that pretending to be (and/or impersonating) a Staff Member is a serious offense and will be punished accordingly. Users are entitled to submit reports regarding fake Staff Members.


    In our Forums, legit Staff Members can be identified as follows:

    - They use the [MO] tag before their nickname
    - Their reputation level says "The One and Only"
    - They have an "Official Staff Member" title below the reputation bar

    Currently, in the forums you can find the following Staff Members:



    Inside Light of Aiaran, legit Staff Members can be identified as follows:

    - They have a [GM] tag next to their name
    - The color of their messages in ALL chat channels (whispers included) is red.

    These are the Staff Members you could step into while in-game:

    (SERVER Tainas):



    [GM]ArielFire (BlindFire)
    [GM]DarkFire (BlindFire)
    [GM]iNicoleo (Nicoleo)
    [GM]xNicoleo (Nicoleo)
    [GM]Basiliisk (Basilisk)
    [GM]Basiliskx (Basilisk)
    [GM]Wasaabi (Wasabi)
    [GM]Wasaaabi (Wasabi)

    (SERVER Ravine):

    [GM]RavineFire (BlindFire)

    For questions or doubts, please start a thread in the General Discussions section of the Forums.
    Quick Troubleshooting (Iris M):
    Useful Links and Info
    Forum Guidelines and Rules of Conduct
    Technical Support
    Official Staff Members List (includes how-to tell Staff Members from regular players in-game)

    You can find me in-game (Iris M) as follows:
    On server "Tainas" as "[GM]BlindFire" (male human warrior), "[GM]ArielFire" (female sprite mage) and "[GM]DarkFire" (female demibeast ranger).
    On server "
    Ravine" as "[GM]RavineFire" (male human warrior).

    Despite my various in-game IDs, please call me "BlindFire".