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HOW-TO: showcasing your Guild (for Guild Leaders)

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  • HOW-TO: showcasing your Guild (for Guild Leaders)


    This section of the forum is dedicated exclusively to Guild Leaders who wish to post a recruitment announcement outside of the game, to give their Guilds more visibility.

    While you're ultimately free to use whatever format you decide for introducing your group, please ensure your post doesn't go against the Forum Guidelines and Rules:

    Moreover, you may want to add the name of the server to your recruitment post.
    We could be adding more servers in the future, so please ensure you specify on which of the available ones your Guild is.

    If you're out of ideas, please find below a generic format for a recruitment post:

    Guild Name: the name of your guild
    Server: the name of the server your guild is in
    Guild Leader(s): in-game and forum nickname of the leader(s)
    Guild Introduction: a brief description of your guild, its purpose and so on
    Guild Goals: is your guild a softcore/hardcore one, on which content will it focus (PvP, PvE, PvPvE)
    Recruitment Requirements and Conditions: age, in-game level, class, interests... whatever you consider a vital feature of your future guild members
    Guild Site: in case your guild has one
    Guild FAQ: optional, but always useful to clarify specific doubts
    Quick Troubleshooting (Iris M):
    Useful Links and Info
    Forum Guidelines and Rules of Conduct
    Technical Support
    Official Staff Members List (includes how-to tell Staff Members from regular players in-game)

    You can find me in-game (Iris M) as follows:
    On server "Tainas" as "[GM]BlindFire" (male human warrior), "[GM]ArielFire" (female sprite mage) and "[GM]DarkFire" (female demibeast ranger).
    On server "
    Ravine" as "[GM]RavineFire" (male human warrior).

    Despite my various in-game IDs, please call me "BlindFire".