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Guild Name : Valhalla

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  • Guild Name : Valhalla

    Guild Name: Valhalla
    Server: The first server, Dark Knight
    Guild Leader(s): Yumehito
    Guild Introduction: If you love the name, join us =)
    Guild Goals: Creating a fun community with players all around the world, being relax to play while keeping the minimum standard of playing time.
    ​​Recruitment Requirements and Conditions:
    - No age, gender, race or religion issue/restriction
    - MUST speak English.
    - Login at daily basis.
    - Willingly & committed to Contribute at least 20 Crystals/day.

    Guild Site: Not yet (Maybe FB group in the future)
    Guild FAQ: None so far.

    p.s. We might be full atm, so pls lemme' know here or whisper me in-game so I can reserve 1 slot for you later, if you're interested to join up.
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